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Instructions: Rate yourself by what is most like you to what is least like you.

USE (1-4) ONLY ONCE per every 4 questions

4 = Most like you
3 = More like you
2 = Less like you
1 = Least like you

L.E.A.D. Assessment

(1a) I tackle people problems head on.(Required)
(1b) I have always been good at persuading others to do things.(Required)
(1c) I am diplomatic when I let others know how I feel.(Required)
(1d) I work well with others.(Required)
(2a) I really enjoy mixing in a crowd.(Required)
(2b) If I am going to change, I need prior notice to think it over.(Required)
(2c) I have trouble turning down requests for any legitimate charity.(Required)
(2d) When I am right, I move ahead regardless of what other people think.(Required)
(3a) If I disagree, I seldom say anything about it.(Required)
(3b) I would rather make things go smoothly than try to confront others.(Required)
(3c) I take immediate disciplinary action and move on.(Required)
(3d) I am good at selling an idea.(Required)
(4a) If I am given a job, I will stick to it until it's finished.(Required)
(4b) Decision-making ability is one of my greatest assets.(Required)
(4c) I make it a point to get to know each member on my team.(Required)
(4d) I am a very disciplined person.(Required)
(5a) I am aggressive at getting work done.(Required)
(5b) I enjoy coaching others through difficulties.(Required)
(5c) When I solve a problem, I am adaptable.(Required)
(5d) When someone shows me a better way to do a job, I do it their way.(Required)
(6a) I am seen as assertive and competitive at work.(Required)
(6b) I feel that my personality is my biggest asset.(Required)
(6c) I am known for accuracy and precision.(Required)
(6d) My superiors always know the status of my work.(Required)
(7a) Inspiration is the most effective form of leadership.(Required)
(7b) I am cautious about change.(Required)
(7c) I give in to others most of the time.(Required)
(7d) I come up with the most fresh, new ideas.(Required)
(8a) I will bend a bit if it will make things go more smoothly.(Required)
(8b) I may be too considerate at times.(Required)
(8c) Whenever action is necessary, I consider myself a pioneer.(Required)
(8d) I'm glad I have a way with others so I can be a positive influence.(Required)
(9a) I am cheerful and warm.(Required)
(9b) I have a good sixth sense regarding business decisions.(Required)
(9c) I really know how to win people over.(Required)
(9d) It bothers me to have to follow an unproven procedure.(Required)
(10a) I am not bothered by aggressive people.(Required)
(10b) I perceive myself as a person who inspires others.(Required)
(10c) When I listen to instructions, I listen for valuable facts.(Required)
(10d) I rarely lose my temper.(Required)
(11a) I am a winner in most situations.(Required)
(11b) People consider me to be the life of the party.(Required)
(11c) I follow instructions to the letter.(Required)
(11d) Whenever possible, I like things to go smoothly.(Required)
(12a) I am an effective communicator.(Required)
(12b) I prefer to make long range plans.(Required)
(12c) I am a good listener.(Required)
(12d) If someone needs discipline, I discipline them right away.(Required)
(13a) If something has instructions, I read them.(Required)
(13b) I feel that I am a good-natured person.(Required)
(13c) I make decisions based on common sense and merit, not popularity.(Required)
(13d) I really do care about people.(Required)
(14a) I get complimented for being such a hard worker.(Required)
(14b) I am good at making decisions.(Required)
(14c) Others regard me as an influential person.(Required)
(14d) When I read a report, I look specifically for facts and figures.(Required)
(15a) I get bored easily with routine tasks.(Required)
(15b) I have lots of friends, most of whom go back a long way.(Required)
(15c) I am objective when rewarding team members.(Required)
(15d) I am especially considerate of team members when I'm in charge.(Required)
(16a) It's hard for others to persuade me to change when I'm right.(Required)
(16b) I always appear outgoing and optimistic.(Required)
(16c) Authority is there for a reason, so I respect it.(Required)
(16d) I usually do things in moderation.(Required)
(17a) I live to share new ideas and information with others.(Required)
(17b) I go out of my way to help others in need.(Required)
(17c) People consider me to be a gentle person.(Required)
(17d) I like the challenge of handling aggressive people.(Required)
(18a) I do jobs logically and precisely.(Required)
(18b) I am sometimes more loyal to my friends than they are to me.(Required)
(18c) Do it now! -- is my motto.(Required)
(18d) I am interested in finding out what makes people tick.(Required)
(19a) I am a generous person.(Required)
(19b) I like to make things happen.(Required)
(19c) I am a very popular person.(Required)
(19d) I go to great lengths to avoid an argument.(Required)
(20a) At work I'm competitive, and I like it.(Required)
(20b) If someone really needs convincing, I am the one to do it.(Required)
(20c) Accuracy is as important as deadlines.(Required)
(20d) I do my best to be patient.(Required)